Car Repair Statesboro, GA | FAQ | D & R Car Care


Q – How much is your labor rate?
A – Our labor rate is $85.79 per Flag Hour.

Q – What is a Flag Hour?
A – A Flag Hour is the time estimated to do a repair set by the manufacturer.

Q – What is the difference between pulling computer codes and a diagnostics?
A – Extracting codes from the automobiles computer tells you what system a fault is in. It will not, however, tell you what the fault is most of the time. A diagnostics provided by a certified technician will identify and find the actual fault.

Q – Why are oil changes recommened every 3 months or 3,000 miles?
A – Automotive manufacturers may recommended a longer oil life interval, but they are not the oil manufacturer. The oil manufacturer states the 3/3000 oil change recommendation due to the fact that oil, after being ran in a combustion engine, will become acidic.

Q – Can I go longer between oil changes with synthetic oil?
A – Yes, the range is set again by the oil manufacturer. We recommend Valvoline.

Q – Do you have a loaner vehicle?
A – Yes. Please call ahead for availability. You must be 25 or older.

Q – Do you have a tow service.
A – No, please see our “Towing” section in this web site for referrals.

Q – Do you have after hours drop off?
A – Yes we do! There is a night drop box with envelopes to use at your convenience.

Q – How often do tires need to be rotated and/or balanced.
A – We recommend rotating every 3000 miles and balancing every 6000 miles. See “Tire Care” section of this web site.

Q – Why does my steering wheel shake when I apply the brakes?
A – Steering wheel shake is due to front brake rotor run out (warping). See our “brakes” section in our web site.

Q – How often do I need my transmission serviced?
A – Every 30,000 miles is typical, but we wiil check and see during every routine maintenance for you.


We are sure you have more questions than what appears here. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.