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Everyone experiences vehicle problems from time to time. Last-minute warning lights on your dashboard or a flat tire with nowhere to go can feel overwhelming. Knowing where to go can be confusing, but D & R Car Care recommends a full-service auto repair shop to help you and your vehicle when needed. With a full-service auto repair shop, everything you need is under one roof. It increases driver safety, has the best tools and services, improves performance, and reduces the costs of repairs. Our technicians work to provide the best care for your vehicle. Whether you need an oil change or an engine replacement, finding the best full-service auto repair shop to do the job is essential.


Everything You Need Under One Roof


Let’s face it; typical vehicle owners don’t know nearly as much about car care as auto mechanics and certified technicians do. When a check engine light appears, you may think you have an idea of the issue, but there’s a good chance you could be mistaken. Save yourself wasted time and go straight to a full-service auto repair shop. A Full-Service Repair Shop, like D & R Car Care, offers a multitude of auto repair services.

Having all the work completed on your vehicle under one roof has many benefits. It can be that they have records of previous maintenance services performed, discovering a new problem and being able to repair it in the same place, or having them put on new tires after a routine servicing.


Increases Driver Safety


When it comes to motor vehicles, the most critical factor is safety. One of the benefits of visiting a full-service auto repair shop is ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained and running properly. Our mechanics perform multi-point inspections during regular maintenance, helping to provide peace of mind knowing that you won’t be put in unsafe or uncomfortable positions due to a vehicle breaking down. Sometimes, taking your vehicle to the shop, even when the issue seems insignificant, can be the best thing you can do.

The longer you put it off, the worse the problem gets, which could cause a higher chance of a breakdown. When proactive about preventative maintenance, you can prevent breakdowns and complications that could interfere with your safety.


The Best Tools and Services


When you take your vehicle to a full-service auto repair shop, they understand that maintaining a vehicle is more than just the individual pieces, but rather the vehicle’s condition as a whole. For this reason, our certified auto mechanics are willing to inspect your vehicle, from top to tread and help you make the best decision on what is needed.

At D & R Car Care, we are a full-service auto repair shop with a large variety of tools and equipment to ensure your entire vehicle is cared for. Whether you have a foreign or domestic vehicle, we are able to provide the services you need.


Improves Performance


One of the most significant advantages of taking your vehicle to a full-service auto repair shop is that it can improve performance. Vehicles consist of countless moving pieces that need to be maintained to operate at an optimal level. For example, replacing a dirty air filter helps your motor vehicle get the airflow it needs to run efficiently, or replacing worn-out spark plugs creates a healthier engine. Whatever your car care needs are, a full-service auto repair shop like D & R Car Care is here to help.

You can depend on our experienced technicians to take care of the details. Getting your vehicle repaired and regular maintenance performed can be the minor adjustment that makes a big difference in the long run.


Reduces Cost of Repairs


Vehicle issues can occur at any time. Whether a minor problem or something more significant, it’s never fun for you or your wallet. Staying proactive and getting your vehicle to a full-service auto repair shop will allow an experienced technician to identify the issue before it worsens. Full-service auto repair shops can inspect your entire vehicle, allowing nothing to be missed or overlooked. A motor vehicle is one of life’s greatest investments. Treat it that way by staying proactive with repairs.

FULL-SERVICE Auto Repair and Tire Shop

When your car care needs include anything from air conditioning repairs, oil changes, engine work, or tires, D & R Car Care is a full-service auto repair shop that can help. We have experience working on both foreign and domestic vehicles. Whether you need routine maintenance or repairs, the friendly staff and experienced technicians will get you back on the road in no time.

We are located in Statesboro, GA., close to Georgia Southern Campus, making it convenient for students. For top-quality car repair and tires in Statesboro, Ga., call us or schedule your appointment online today.