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What You Need to Know About Tire Alignment

You’re driving along a busy highway when you suddenly notice that your steering wheel has begun to pull to one side. You jerk it back in time before you drift into the other lane, but your heart is pounding. That was dangerous. If you’ve found yourself in this...

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Wheel Misalignment & Why Your Car May Pull To One Side

Wheel Misalignment & Why Your Car May Pull To One Side

When it comes to cars, you don’t want to lose control, especially when it could endanger the lives of yourself and others. If one day you find that your car begins to pull to one side and you are unable to drive in a straight line, this could prove incredibly...

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A Quick Guide To Dashboard Lights

A Quick Guide To Dashboard Lights

On your car’s dashboard is a wealth of information that can help you keep your car in the best shape possible. However, sometimes, that information can be difficult to understand if you’re not familiar with the common dashboard warning lights. You might notice a light...

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Do I Really Need an Oil Change?

Do I Really Need an Oil Change?

If you have been ignoring that little sticker on your windshield telling you to change your oil, then perhaps you’ve asked yourself one simple question: “Do I even need to change my oil?” It’s a question many may find themselves asking. The process of taking your car...

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Ashleigh and the whole crew do a wonderful job. My husband and I both use them and have never had any issues. They do everything they can to accommodate to you and your vehicle."
- Staci Cobb
"My daughter, a student at Ga Southern Univ., has had nothing but an incredible experience with D&R Customer Service and the repairs received to date. The "AutoServe1" message notification service is top notch and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED by a father from afar. I will CERTAINLY make recommendation to other parents and look forward to working with you all in the future. You get my top ratings!"
- John Blythe
"As I was traveling through Georgia, D&R was highly recommend when I needed an oil change. D&R staff alerted me to a bulge in one of my tires and saved me from a disaster happening on my trip. The staff was professional and courteous and replaced my tire quickly and efficiently so I could continue my trip, even though they were very busy. Thank you D&R for all you did."
- Judy Blain
"Ray and Jodi and staff are excellent in customer service! If you have never been there go, you will be glad you did. I especially love the vehicle reports that come with an oil change."
- Dana Fordham
"Customer service was great. Staff is highly knowledgeable, friendly & they provided excellent service!"
- Devang Shah
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