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D & R Intensive Car Care is a full-service tire shop.


Located in Statesboro, GA, we offer flat tire repair, custom wheels, alignments, and a wide variety of tire brands.

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It doesn’t matter if you drive a sub-compact, full-size luxury car, RV, pickup, SUV, CUV, or Minivan – 4X4, 4X2, RWD, AWD, or FWD – Hybrid, Gas, Electric, or Diesel. Whether you drive on the street, off-road in mud, or somewhere in between, D & R Car Care has a full-service tire shop with the best selection of vehicle tires available to you. We offer the most reliable tire repair, also. When you have a damaged tire, give us a call and let us help.

We are here to help

Our staff is committed to making sure you always get the best value. Not sure which tires are right for your car or truck? Give us a call or stop by our tire shop so one of our qualified technicians can help you find the right tire to fit your needs. In fact, whether you need tires, tire repair, wheel alignment, automotive maintenance, or full-service repairs in Statesboro, GA & the surrounding areas, D & R Intensive Car Care is the best choice for you!

Understanding tire size

When buying tires, it’s important to understand that tires come in many different sizes. The correct tire size determine the tire’s performance, suitability, and overall appropriateness for your driving needs. It is recommended that you check your owner’s manual or ask one of our tire professionals to understand what size of tires are correct for your vehicle. The following information about your tire’s size and type may be found on its sidewall:

Type of Tire

The letter or letters at the beginning (or end) of this sequence will let you know the type of tire: P, LT, ST, or T. Most tires will have the letter P, which is short for “P-metric” or a passenger car type tire. These are typically installed on passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and vans. However, an LT appearing at either the beginning or the end of the sequence indicates the tire is a “light truck” tire. This means the tire is designed to be used on vehicles that carry high loads or pull heavy trailers. ST indicates a “special trailer” tire, used on (you guessed it) – trailers, while “T” denotes a “temporary” tire, like a “donut spare” you might find in the trunk of your vehicle.

Tire Width

The first set of numbers in the sequence is the width of your tire. This width is measured in millimeters across the tread area from sidewall to sidewall.

Aspect Ratio

Next you will find a slash and then another set of numbers: the aspect ratio, sometimes called the tire’s “profile”. This number is a percentage that indicates the tire’s height vs. its width. A lower aspect ratio often means a sportier, more performance-oriented tire. On the other hand, a higher aspect ratio tends to indicate the tire was designed for other priorities like comfort or rugged durability.

Construction Type

Following the aspect ration, you will find a single letter, either a “D”, a “B”, or an “R” which indicates the construction type for the tire. “R” indicates that the tire is a Radial tire and “D” designates that it is a Diagonal (also known as “Bias”) ply tire and “B” means it is a Belted-Bias ply tire. Today, tires featuring Radial construction are by far the most common because of their superior fuel economy, traction, ride comfort and especially tread life when compared to earlier types of construction.

Rim Diameter

Finally, the remaining number in the set indicates the rim diameter—sometimes also noted as the wheel diameter. This measurement is almost always given in inches. Though there are exceptions, rim diameters ranging from 13” to 22” are most common for passenger vehicles in North America.

Don’t Fall For Free

The truth is, nothing is ever really free. That is why at D & R Car Care we’re always upfront with the current deals that we offer to our customers. We don’t over-inflate other pricing to make up for the “free” product, and, above all, we don’t believe in sacrificing quality when it comes to your vehicle.

Be sure to ask about our tire deals when you come in to see us. As part of our pledge to offer the best quality auto repair, we will always make an effort to get you the best quality tires for your vehicle, for the best price. No gimmicks, just straight savings we’re passing to you.

When you compare the same quality tires at other dealers, you will find that at D & R Car Care, you’ll actually get all four tires for less than the cost of three. There’s never an obligation to buy. It’s smart to shop around to be sure that you get the best tire service out there.

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Ashleigh and the whole crew do a wonderful job. My husband and I both use them and have never had any issues. They do everything they can to accommodate to you and your vehicle."
- Staci Cobb
"My daughter, a student at Ga Southern Univ., has had nothing but an incredible experience with D&R Customer Service and the repairs received to date. The "AutoServe1" message notification service is top notch and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED by a father from afar. I will CERTAINLY make recommendation to other parents and look forward to working with you all in the future. You get my top ratings!"
- John Blythe
"As I was traveling through Georgia, D&R was highly recommend when I needed an oil change. D&R staff alerted me to a bulge in one of my tires and saved me from a disaster happening on my trip. The staff was professional and courteous and replaced my tire quickly and efficiently so I could continue my trip, even though they were very busy. Thank you D&R for all you did."
- Judy Blain
"Ray and Jodi and staff are excellent in customer service! If you have never been there go, you will be glad you did. I especially love the vehicle reports that come with an oil change."
- Dana Fordham
"Customer service was great. Staff is highly knowledgeable, friendly & they provided excellent service!"
- Devang Shah