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Q – How much is your labor rate?
A – Our labor rate is $89.97 per Flag Hour.

Q – What is a Flag Hour?
A – A Flag Hour is the time estimated to do a repair set by the manufacturer.

Q – What is the difference between pulling computer codes and a diagnostics?
A – Extracting codes from the automobile’s computer tells you what system a fault is in. It will not, however, tell you what the fault is most of the time. A diagnostics provided by a certified technician will identify and find the actual fault.

Q – Why are oil changes recommended every 3 months or 3,000 miles?
A – Automotive manufacturers may recommend a longer oil-life interval, but they are not the oil manufacturer. The oil manufacturer states the 3/3000 oil change recommendation due to the fact that oil, after running in a combustion engine, will become acidic.

Q – Can I go longer between oil changes with synthetic oil?
A – Yes, the range is set again by the oil manufacturer. We recommend Valvoline.

Q – Do you have a loaner vehicle?
A – Yes. Please call ahead for availability. You must be 25 or older.

Q – Do you have a tow service?
A – No, please see our “Towing” section in this web site for referrals.

Q – Do you have after-hours drop-off?
A – Yes we do! There is a night drop box with envelopes to use at your convenience.

Q – How often do tires need to be rotated and/or balanced?
A – We recommend rotating every 3,000 miles and balancing every 6,000 miles. See our “Tire Care” section of this website.

Q – Why does my steering wheel shake when I apply the brakes?
A – Steering-wheel shake is due to front brake rotor runout (warping). See our “Brakes” section of this website.

Q – How often do I need my transmission serviced?
A – Every 30,000 miles is typical, but we will check and see during every routine maintenance for you.