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5 Signs You Need a Transmission Repair

One of the constants you’ll discover about owning a car is that catching a problem before it can grow will save you money on auto repair service in the long term. If you can detect a problem early, it will keep you and everyone on the road safe. 

One particular issue that may arise is problems with your transmission, be it an automatic or manual transmission. Catching the problem early and bringing your car in for transmission repair will keep you from needing a total car repair or replacement.

Check Engine Light Turns On

While this may seem obvious, if your check engine light turns on, it could be a problem. Specifically, your transmission could be experiencing issues.  Since your engine controls your car, it can detect problems in other parts of the vehicle, which includes the transmission. When this light comes on, don’t delay in servicing your car.

Difficulty Switching Gears

Whether it be a refusal to shift gears or your gears slipping, if you find that it has become difficult to switch gears and stay in gear, then you may have an issue with your transmission. Stubborn gears may be an indication of low transmission fluid. It is recommended never to drive if you are having difficulty switching gears, as this could lead to a potentially fatal accident.

Leaking Fluid

If you discover evidence that fluid is leaking from your car or puddles underneath it, it is crucial to take your vehicle to a service center for inspection. In no circumstances would discovering a leak indicate a well-functioning car, but in this case, you may find that the leak indicates there is leaking transmission fluid. It is the only fluid in your car with a sweet smell that is red in color. If you see this type of liquid staining your driveway or garage floor, you have a transmission fluid leak.

Whether it be a transmission leak or something else, it is almost impossible to determine if it is only the transmission causing the leakage issue on your own. So it is essential to take your car in for auto repair service. 

Grinding or Other Strange Noises

While most common in automatic transmissions, if your car makes a grinding noise when you shift gears, this indicates a problem with your transmission. A failing transmission may also hum or whine as it breaks down. While this may be easily fixable with a transmission flush, you may discover you’ll need a more intensive transmission repair if left alone.  

Burning Smell

If you smell something burning in your car, with or without smoke, take your vehicle to receive auto repair service immediately. A burning smell can indicate that some part of your engine is overheating or that your transmission fluid has begun to burn. If you let this continue, it could escalate and require a complete transmission replacement.


Need Transmission Repair? Call D&R Car Care

If you detect any of these signs in your vehicle, it’s vital that you bring your car down to a trusted, qualified automotive repair shop for auto repair service. At D&R, our certified technicians are available to assist you with your transmission repair needs. Even if you don’t find any of these issues, the best way to prevent them is to take your car in for routine maintenance, which D&R is happy to provide.

D&R Intensive Car Care has been servicing the domestic and foreign cars of Statesboro, GA, residents for years, and we come highly recommended by our customers. We strive to get you back on the road with peace of mind knowing that you’ll be safe. We offer a wide arrange of services for all your vehicle needs, plus the convenience of booking your appointments online.