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Every car has a transmission system that moves the power from the engine to the vehicle’s tires. Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, it’s crucial to have regular maintenance performed on your vehicle to avoid needing a costly transmission repair or replacement.

Depending on the type of transmission your vehicle has, different recommendations are given for transmission maintenance. Taking your vehicle to a knowledgeable and certified mechanic will ensure that your transmission is serviced and repaired as the manufacturer recommends.

Check Engine Light Turns On

The check engine light can come on for a number of reasons. One common reason may be that your vehicle is experiencing transmission problems. This is a helpful system to make the driver aware that transmission repair services, or other mechanical services, may be necessary. If the problem is caught early, it could help you avoid higher transmission repair costs or even a complete transmission replacement.

Difficulty Switching Gears

Whether you may notice a refusal to shift gears or maybe you feel your gears slipping, you may have an issue with your transmission. This change can be noticed if you find it difficult to switch or stay in gear. A common cause of this problem could be low transmission fluid. Although this is a simple fix at an auto repair shop, this can be very dangerous if you continue diving after you notice gear issues.

It is recommended that once you notice unusual gear shifting, you take your vehicle to a qualified shop for an auto repair service. Ignoring the problem could result in a dangerous situation, such as a potential car accident.

Leaking Fluid

If you notice that you have fluid leaking from the underside of your vehicle, this could also be a sign that a transmission repair is needed. Taking your vehicle for an inspection can pinpoint the location of the leak and determine if the fluid was transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is a red liquid with a sweet smell to it. If you notice those distinctions, you are most likely seeing a transmission fluid leak. It is important to get the leak repaired as soon as you notice it. If the leak continues, it will cause more damage to your vehicle’s transmission system and engine.

Grinding or Other Strange Noises

You may notice your vehicle making strange noises while driving and changing gears. This is common when manual and automatic transmission repairs are needed. You may hear grinding when you shift gears or hear some humming or whining. These sounds are indications that your transmission may be failing.

When you hear these noises, it could be an easy fix like a transmission flush, but sometimes it could be indicative of needing new transmission parts or a full transmission replacement. It is important to get have your vehicle checked once these noises start.

Burning Smell

If you start smelling something burning, make sure to take your vehicle to a service center immediately. A transmission repair may be necessary if burning smells are present. Whether you notice your vehicle is smoking or not, burning smells can indicate overheating in your engine. This can be very dangerous if ignored, especially if you are driving.

Not only is it dangerous, but it can become a costly fix. If the problem has gotten worse over time, this can lead to a complete transmission rebuild or even a replacement. It is important to check your vehicle transmission as soon as you notice the burning smells.

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