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Gas prices are only going up, and so it’s becoming more and more important to figure out ways to stretch out the time between your trips to the gas station so you can save gas and save money. That’s why your trusted mechanics at D&R Car Care have come up with these easy tips to save gas that will help you save money for what really matters.

1) Clean out your car

This may seem like a strange suggestion at first glance, but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. When you’re trying to carry around something heavy, it takes a lot more of your energy than if you were carrying around something lighter.
Your car works on the same principle. The more weight it’s carrying, the more your engine has to work. By cleaning out your car, you could reduce the fuel you use with every drive.

2) Drive Proactively

Believe it or not, your driving habits can actually increase your fuel consumption if you aren’t taking care to drive proactively. Rapid acceleration, heavy braking, and speeding can all result in heavier gas prices, as well as cause your vehicle tires to wear down faster. So, next time you’re driving, take care to keep to 50 mph and keep an eye out for stop signs. Taking these extra precautions will help you save gas, and save your tires.

3) Less Idling Saves Gas

It’s getting warmer in Statesboro, so you don’t have to worry about waking up early to warm up your car. Actually, you should avoid it at all if possible. Not only that, but making sure you turn off your car as soon as you get somewhere is also key.
Long periods of idling wastes fuel you could be used to get where you want to go! Wasting that time idling could mean you’re stuck taking another trip to the gas station, spending more money that you’ll burn later.


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4) Inflate Your Vehicle Tires

Keeping your vehicle tires inflated to the proper PSI for your tire size can be key to not only remaining safe, but makes your rides more fuel efficient as well. Your gas mileage can improve by more than 3% if you maintain your tires at the proper pressure.
As low tire pressure can also cause damage, you won’t just save money on gas, but on costly replacements.

5) Use less A/C

We know it can get hot in the sweltering heat, but before those Georgia summers hit, consider turning down the air conditioning in your car. The A/C can be a heavy strain on your engine, so you’ll want to use it as little as you can.
On cooler days, consider rolling down your windows and using the breeze to keep cool instead. It’s energy efficient and means you won’t be paying more for your ride.


6) Combine Trips

Instead of taking five or six separate trips to town, maybe consider just one. Make a plan before each trip to see which of your errands are close together. If you can try, schedule as many of your errands so you can complete them in as few trips as possible.
Going back and forth is going to increase your mileage and deplete your fuel. By cutting out even just one drive, you’ll be able to save.

7) Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

The most important of the tips, we had to save it for last. Making sure your car is maintained regularly is imperative to saving money not only on gas, but repair work. In addition to your recommended maintenance schedule, having your oil and air filtration changed regularly can save you money in the long run. Of course, if your check engine light comes on, definitely bring it in or you could end up worrying about more than just what you’re paying at the pump
The owner’s manual of your car should be able to tell you the best vehicle maintenance schedule to follow, or you can visit a D & R mechanic who can provide you with the information.