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Sending your child away for college can be stressful, especially if you’re sending them somewhere far away. Imagine you receive an urgent call from your college student. They’re sobbing and anxious and needing to find an auto repair shop. That new car you bought has popped a tire, or the engine is making a funny noise, or some strange dashboard light is on.

They’re begging for your help, but you’re 50 miles away. You need to figure out the best auto repair shop. How do you decide what to pick?


1. Consider Reputation in an Auto Repair Shop

When searching for a new auto repair shop, word of mouth can often be your best tool. However, when you’re in another city, word of mouth can be much harder to gauge. In that case, you can consider more details beyond how high their star rating is on Google.

Other details you might consider are whether or not it’s locally-owned, how long it has been around, and what are the common talking points among the reviews you can find online. A locally owned business that has been running for a long time is likely a trusted automotive repair shop.


2. Check Auto Repair Shop Certifications

ASE certifications are a must when it comes to choosing a place to service and repair your vehicle. Experience is always useful when it comes to knowing how trustworthy a technician is, but with rapid innovation, training is a must-know. ASE certification indicates that the technicians at the auto repair shop haven passed the tests and received certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.


3. Auto Repair Shop Accessibility

If your child is stressed out, the accessibility of the auto repair shop is key. Are they conveniently located nearby or are you going to need roadside assistance to travel to a more remote area? For those who might be paying for all or half of the repair, the option for online payments will be beneficial, as you can pay remotely.

If the car needs multi-point inspections, inquire if they send updates through text or email. Being able to have information about the car’s health sent directly to you and your child’s phone is useful in preventing miscommunication. Other useful things to in

inquire about if the shop allows for appointments to be made online and if you can drop off your car at any time with a nighttime key drop.


4. Is the Auto Repair Shop Qualified to Handle Your Specific Car?

Not all cars are built equal, and if your car happens to be foreign-made, you’ll want a repair technician who knows how to handle that build. Check the auto repair shops’ website to see if they mention working on foreign cars. If you find no indication that they do, it’s not worth the risk that you bring your car in and they turn you away… or worse, ruin your fancy car. Always make sure the technicians specialize in both foreign & domestic vehicles.


5. Does the Auto Repair Shop Provide Appropriate Services

It may seem obvious, but you want to make sure that the auto repair shop provides the services you need before you arrive. Some repair shops may not be equipped for a full-service auto repair, or may only specialize in some aspects of automotive repair. Look through reviews and the company’s website to familiarize yourself with the services provided by the shop before dropping the car off with the technicians. Ensure that when you arrive you know they’ll be able to handle everything from changing your oil filter to replacing that popped tire.


D&R Car Care Has Your Back

For the last 22 years, there has been no other auto care service in Statesboro, GA that provides the customer service, ease of access, or reliable repair and maintenance that D&R Car Care offers.

Whether your car or truck needs repair after an accident or just a routine oil change, D&R makes it easy with our online payment options and appointments, as well as our nighttime key drop option. D&R Car Care is dedicated to helping the students of Georgia Southern University and their parents, as well as all residents of the Statesboro area, receive the car service they need.

Our ASE certified technicians are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on domestic and foreign vehicles.