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6 Things to Check Before Your Holiday Road Trip | D & R Car Care


The holidays are quickly approaching, which means many people will be traveling to spend time with their loved ones. If you are planning on taking a holiday road trip to visit your family, it is important to get these parts of your vehicle checked before hitting the road. Having your vehicle inspected and serviced by a trusted and experienced auto technician can help keep you safe while traveling during the holiday season.

1. Test your Battery

Getting your battery checked is a quick and easy service that can help you avoid getting delayed during your holiday road trip. The technician will check the total charge of the battery to ensure it is performing correctly. The battery should also be visually inspected to make sure there are no signs of corrosion. If the battery is beginning to die or is in bad condition, it is a good idea to get it replaced before leaving for your holiday road trip to avoid being stuck during your travels.

2. Check the Levels of the Oil and Other Fluids

While you begin preparing for your holiday road trip, it is essential that you get your vehicle’s fluid levels checked. This includes the transmission fluid, engine oil, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and anti-freeze levels. Checking these fluid levels will ensure they are all at the proper level. Topping off these fluid levels keeps your vehicle running smoothly, especially while driving long distances.

3. Check Your Tires and Tread

Checking your vehicle’s tires is a crucial step to take before heading off on your holiday road trip. Taking your vehicle to a full-service auto repair shop can provide very useful information on the condition of your tires. When you take your vehicle to an auto repair technician, they can rotate tires and check the tire pressure and the tread depth. Having this inspection will verify that the tires have a significant grip on the road, which will help keep you safe while driving on your holiday road trip.

4. Brakes

The brakes on your vehicle need to be checked before your holiday road trip as well. Different components in the brake system need to be checked by a professional to see if they are working properly. A technician will inspect the brake pads and rotors for any signs of wear and tear, and they can be replaced if needed.

5. Check exterior lights

Your vehicle has many exterior lights that are needed for safety purposes when driving, especially at night. It is a good idea to have them all inspected before your holiday road trip. The front and rear lights can burn out over time, but an auto repair technician can find the dead bulb and replace it, improving night-time visibility.

Having properly functioning headlights and tail lights ensures that you are able to see the road in front of you and that others on the road are able to see your vehicle. Having a certified technician inspect and repair your vehicle’s exterior lights is highly recommended before traveling.

6. Check and Replace Wiper Blades, if Needed

While traveling to your loved ones on your holiday road trip, you may run into some inclement weather. Having wiper blades that are functioning properly ensures safe visibility during rain. Having a clear view of the road and your surroundings helps keep you safe while driving in bad weather.

Over time, the wipers will wear out and cause decreased visualization while driving in the rain. If you notice streaking, skipping, squeaking, or reduced cleaning efficiency, it may be a good idea to get them replaced before embarking on your holiday road trip.

Call D & R Car Care Before Your Holiday Road Trip

Having vehicle services such as inspections and regular automotive maintenance will help keep you safe as you are traveling on your holiday road trip. Trusted professionals at D & R Car Care will perform vehicle maintenance and repairs that are needed to ensure your safety while driving to spend the holidays with your friends and family.

With over 20 years of experience, we take pride in providing “Quality service the right way, the first time.” Call D & R Car Care for any car maintenance and repairs this holiday season. We are located next to Georgia Southern University at 811 South Main Street, Statesboro, GA, making it convenient for both students and locals.