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South Georgia summers are known for being brutally hot. When taking into consideration record breaking temperatures, heat index, as well as humidity in Statesboro, GA, we simply cannot afford to have our cars overheat. Excessive heat from the engine could cause your vehicle to break down,  causing frustrating circumstances and costly repairs. Having a properly working heating and cooling system is absolutely essential for staying cool and comfortable during these harsh summer months.

That is why it is so important to recruit a trusted auto repair shop to help maintain your car.  While it is important to have a mechanic repair your vehicle if it ever does overheat, there are some everyday tasks that can be completed before a professional is needed. 


DIY Preventative Auto Maintenance

Here are some simple daily practices that you can put in place to help keep your vehicle from overheating:

  • Park in the shade during short outings. 
  • Use car window shades/covers while parked.
  • Leave car windows slightly open if weather allows.
  • When first turning your car on, use the floor vents, rather than the upper vents. Upper vents contain hot, trapped air, while the lower vents will help circulate cooler air. 
  • Another trick when first turning on your car is using the “fresh air” setting on your A/C as opposed to the “recirculation” setting. This will have the same effect as the aforementioned floor vents/upper vents scenario. 
  • Turn off your A/C once your car is cool, especially while on long roadtrips.
  • Add coolant to your vehicle when necessary.

Things To Keep An Eye On

If you notice that your vehicle begins to operate unusually, be sure to check the dashboard, under the hood, and beneath your car:  

  • The car’s temperature gauge.
  • “Check Engine” light.
  • Wear and tear on the vehicle’s battery.
  • Odd sounds or smells coming from the air vents.
  • Unusual leaks underneath the vehicle.

Overheating Services An Auto Mechanic Can Offer

While preventative maintenance is important for all car owners, there are simply some things that only the professionals should handle. A certified technician is able to quickly and cost-efficiently perform the following services:

  • Check your vehicle’s thermostat/engine temperature
  • Radiator flushing
  • Examine the drive belt for wear and tear
  • Complete electrical and computer diagnostics
  • Some offer roadside assistance 

The D&R Car Care Difference

If your car has overheated and you find yourself stranded, call D&R Intensive Car Care today and ask about our roadside assistance and concierge services. Are you needing assistance to cover the cost of repair? Financing is available. D&R also offers discounts to just about everyone; from AAA members to senior citizens, military, and even students. We offer these savings because we are invested in our community. 

At D&R Intensive Car Care, our ASE certified technicians are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on domestic and foreign vehicles.Whether you have questions about preventative maintenance or your vehicle needs a certified mechanic in Statesboro immediately, turn to D&R for all of your car care needs. Our experienced and friendly staff are here to serve you.