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Your tires are the backbone of your car. They carry your car’s entire weight, gripping onto the road whether rain or shine. Well-maintained tires keep you safe and secure as you hurtle down the road at high speeds. Keep an eye out for these five problems that might indicate it’s time to take your car into a tire shop for tire repair.

1. Bulging/Cracked Tires

Oftentimes bulging or cracked tires are a sign of other problems you cannot see. It may be a case of underinflated tires being hit with debris. It could be a result of running over a pothole too fast.

Overinflated tires can cause similar problems. Age and time can also cause your tires to grow more brittle, resulting in cracks. Bulges or cracks in your tire can cause a loss of integrity and might result in your tire experiencing a blowout.

2. Misalignment

Uneven wearing can be the first indication of misalignment. If your tires are aligned properly, the wearing on your tire should be even. You can check your tires by running a hand along the treads and sides to feel for a difference. If you notice anything is uneven, then it’s a good idea to bring your car in.

A misaligned tire means that your tires may lose traction and degrade faster. You could find that your brand new tire needs to be brought in less than a year after purchase if you have a misalignment. In the event of this, you can bring your car to a tire specialist to have your tires realigned.

3. Punctures

A punctured tire is a pain. Debris left on the road can become lodged in your tire and result in a loss of tire pressure. You may notice this if your car pulls to one side or it begins to handle differently.

In most cases, a small puncture can be solved quickly by a tire specialist and without a need for an entire replacement. However, in the case of a larger puncture, you will need a mechanic to replace your tire for you.

4. Cupped/Scalloped Tires

Cupped tires are a unique wear pattern in which your tires look as though they have ha been scooped out at intervals. This particular wear means that it’s likely you have a damaged suspension or worn shock absorbers. These cause your car to bump or bounce as you drive, which in turn causes your car to wear in the scalloped pattern.

To avoid this damage, take your car in to have your suspension and shock absorbers examined every year. This way, if your mechanic notices anything is worn or damaged, they can replace it before it becomes a much bigger issue,

5. Old Tires

Tires won’t last forever. As you drive, naturally, the tread on your tires will wear, and the tires will degrade. A degraded tire can cause a number of issues, such as an inability to grip the road. This could cause issues with braking and could lead to a serious accident.

Routinely check the depths of your tire treads to make sure your tire isn’t in need of replacement.

For maintenance or repair, D&R Care care is there. Whether the problem is a puncture or just a case of needing an old tire replaced, D&R can provide you with a quote so you can get the best tires for your car.