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Tire Care Tips For Winter


The cool weather is here, and now is the time to think about tire care tips for your vehicle. Whether you have a truck, sedan, or SUV, taking care of your tires is always something to consider with the weather cooling off. There are some recommended services that vehicle owners can do to increase the protection of their tires


1. Check Your Tire Pressure

One of the most common problems you will encounter with your tires in the winter is low tire pressure. Decreased tire pressure happens when the outside air temperature drops, causing the air in your tires to condense. Having low tire pressure can cause decreased fuel efficiency and compromise the effectiveness of your tire system.

The best way to counteract the low tire pressure that comes with the colder weather is to get them properly inflated once you notice the change. Getting the proper amount of air is essential to stay safe while driving. To ensure your tires are properly inflated, you can use tire pressure gauges to see how much additional air is needed for each tire. Recommended pressures can be found in your owner’s manual, as well as the number on the sidewall of your tire.


2. Inspect Your Tire Tread Depth

Inspecting your tire tread at this time of year is another simple tire care tip that is suggested to keep you safe on the road. With a low tread depth, you have a higher likelihood of poor traction, especially in wet or icy road conditions. The more tire tread depth you have, the better traction you will have.

Checking to see if your tires have even tread wear is a simple and easy monitoring method. Using a tire tread depth gauge or performing the Penny Test is another quick way to see how much tread your tires may have left. This test is done by placing a penny upside down in your tire tread and seeing if you can visualize Lincoln’s head. If you can see his entire head, it may be time to replace your tire.


3. Rotate Tires

Every six months, or 6,000-8,000 miles, it is recommended to rotate your vehicle’s tires. If you don’t get your tires rotated regularly, you are at risk of having uneven wear on your tire tread. Your vehicle’s tire tread needs to be even to ensure your safety and to improve your driving experience.

Taking your vehicle to a trusted, full-service auto repair shop can ensure that your tire tread will be checked and a tire rotation will be appropriately performed if needed. The technicians will remove each tire and switch to a different position to help create an even tire wear. This will help keep you safe while driving, and it can also improve the lifespan of your tires.


4. Balance Your Tires

When you take your vehicle to get your tires rotated, it is good practice to have your tires balanced as well. If your tires are not balanced, you may notice quick, uneven tire tread wear, poor fuel economy, and vibrations at increased speeds. Not only do unbalanced tires make your vehicle drive less smooth, but they also can cause damage to your tires.

In addition to rotating tires regularly, balancing them is needed to keep them in good condition throughout the winter months, too. This service is usually performed with tire rotations, which helps your tires stay protected from uneven wear that could cause potential damage to the rim and tires.


Let D & R Car Care Handle All Your Tire Care Services This Winter

D & R Car Care wants to ensure your tires are protected during the coldest winter months. Our certified and experienced technicians understand the different components of your vehicle, providing valuable information on which parts can cause damage to your car’s tires. Whether you need a tire repair, replacement, or even just a tire quote, we are able to find the perfect tire solution for you.

Receiving regular tire maintenance can help provide tire care, which will improve the lifespan of our customer’s tires. As a full-service auto repair shop, we are conveniently located at 811 South Main Street, Statesboro, GA. 30458, across from Georgia Southern University, making it convenient for both students and residents to have all their vehicle repair needs completed.