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When it comes to vehicles, routine oil changes are very important for maintaining the quality of their engines. Engines must be maintained by changing the oil and choosing the best oil option for your vehicle specifically.

Valvoline oil is known for the high quality of their oil and with D & R Car Care’s experienced mechanics, a combination like that will help extend the life of your engine.

Valvoline Oil is a high-quality option that helps your vehicle run smoothly and avoids excess wear and tear. On average, it is recommended to get an oil change every 3,000 miles or every six months. Keep your engine in tip-top shape by using Valvoline Oil at your next routine oil change!

High Quality

On average, we spend a total of 4.3 years of our lives in our cars. This means it’s time to start taking better care of our vehicles, starting with the engine. The quality of the oil in your engine is what keeps your engine internals lubricated, which means they wear down much more slowly, giving you a longer car life.

Since 1866, Valvoline has been experimenting and perfecting the perfect products for your vehicle. The Valvoline Oil Change is known for providing a high-quality and dependable experience, leaving your engine running smoother than before.


Whether you own a foreign or domestic vehicle, all vehicles are made and operate differently. So they should be treated that way! One of the most significant benefits of using Valvoline Oil is the variety of its options.

Our experienced vehicle mechanics know that each car or truck requires different things. They will be sure to provide you with the perfect option for your oil change.

With a wide variety of options, each Valvoline Oil offers unique benefits catered to your vehicle’s specific needs. Certified mechanics can help you consider the make, model, and condition to help you choose the best option for your vehicle individually.

Types of Valvoline Oil Changes

At D&R Car Care, we offer three options for Valvoline Oil Changes to ensure your vehicle gets exactly what it needs. We have you covered whether you need a synthetic blend oil or a high mileage oil.

Valvoline Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

  • Keeps the engine clean by minimizing deposit formation
  • Reduces oil consumption by fighting volatility and oil evaporation
  • Resists oil thickening by providing enhanced oxidation control
  • Improves gas mileage in the lower viscosity grades by reducing friction

Valvoline MaxLife Higher Mileage Motor Oil

  • Helps prevent engine-clogging sludge and deposit formation
  • Additional friction-reducing additives help reduce abrasion within the engine
  • Anti-wear agents help prevent engine damage

Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil

  • Provides excellent engine cleanliness through superior sludge and varnish protection
  • Helps reduce engine wear at high temperatures with improved viscosity stability
  • Provides cold-temperature protection through faster oil flow at start-up

Statesboro’s Car Care Center for Valvoline Oil Changes

When it’s time for your routine oil change, D & R Car Care is Statesboro’s car care center for Valvoline Oil Changes. We are a full-service auto repair shop that performs maintenance checks, air filter changes, oil changes, and many other services for your vehicles.

With many different oil change options, we will help you find the perfect choice for your vehicle. Our friendly staff and experienced technicians will get the job done and have you back on the road in no time.

At D & R Care Care, we make sure you are getting, “Quality service the right way, the first time”. We are located in Statesboro, GA., close to the Georgia Southern campus, making it convenient for students. For top-quality car repair and tires in Statesboro, Ga., call us or schedule your appointment online today.