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When it comes to cars, you don’t want to lose control, especially when it could endanger the lives of yourself and others. If one day you find that your car begins to pull to one side and you are unable to drive in a straight line, this could prove incredibly dangerous. Upon discovering this fact, your number one priority should be determining the cause of the drift and getting it fixed immediately.

In most scenarios, a drifting car is a symptom of misalignment. If, when you let go of your steering wheel, you discover that your car drifts to one side instead of staying straight, this could indicate that you need to get your alignment checked.

Wheel misalignment happens naturally over the course of a car’s life, and so it must be routinely checked to ensure that it does not impede driving ability. However, if you hit a curb or a particularly bad pothole, you may find signs of misaligned wheels popping up suddenly.

The problem with a misalignment is not only that you may find drifting more common. Driving through the city with improper wheel alignment could lead to uneven tire wear, resulting in further tire problems in the future. You may end up with a busted tire, or you may even find that your put undue stress on your suspension parts.

If misalignment is the reason for your drifting car, then you’re in luck. In this case, the solution is to take your car in for a wheel alignment. A skilled technician will inspect your vehicle and realign the tires back to the manufacturer’s specifications. In some cases, you can have either 2 or 4 tires realigned, though we recommend aligning all 4 at the same time to prevent issues in the future.

My Car Is Still Drifting, But My Tire Alignment Is Fine

If you discover that your car still pulls to one side after you’ve fixed your car’s alignment, then this could be an indication of lasting damage. If it’s not worn suspensions, it may be a case of incorrect tire pressure or bad wheel bearings. While uneven tire pressure can be quickly fixed, bad wheel bearings or worn suspensions must be inspected by a technician.

If you’re looking to have your car inspected or your steering and suspensions checked in Statesboro, GA, then D&R Car Care is the place for you. Whatever you need, we’ll be able to help you get your car running safe and sound.

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