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You’re driving along a busy highway when you suddenly notice that your steering wheel has begun to pull to one side. You jerk it back in time before you drift into the other lane, but your heart is pounding. That was dangerous. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, it’s time to have your tire alignment checked.

As you drive, your tires will naturally slip out of alignment. Misaligned tires can cause problems with your car that can negatively affect its performance. You must ensure that a certified technician has correctly realigned your tires at a tire shop; this can increase your car’s drivability and gas mileage and decrease tire wear. Getting a tire alignment is integral if you want to keep yourself and your family safe.

What is a Tire Alignment?

When it comes to cars, a tire or wheel alignment refers to a process done to adjust your car’s suspension, ensuring that the proper amount of tire is evenly touching the road at all times. While driving, this suspension can often become tilted, especially if you are going on uneven roads. You may detect this if your steering wheel pulls to one side or your tires begin to squeal during driving or stopping.

Are Tire Alignments Necessary?

To be a safe driver, you must get a tire alignment. Misaligned tires can often negatively impact how your car drives, potentially leading to your vehicle drifting out of control. Even more so, it can lead to uneven wear that reduces the traction on your tires, damaging them or causing dangerous skidding.

When Do I Need a Tire Alignment?

You should have your tires checked at a trusted tire shop for several reasons, but generally, it is wise to have your tires and suspension inspected at least twice a year or after 10,000 miles. Misalignment can occur slowly, and catching it before it damages your car can save you money on expensive repairs.

Beyond routine maintenance, you should also take your car in to have your tires inspected if you:

● Notice uneven wear on your tires

● Travel on rough or offroad terrain

● When you have repaired or replaced the suspension

● When your car begins to swerve to one side

● When your tires are changed

● If you get into an accident

Can I Do My Tire Alignment at Home?

If you want your family or yourself to stay safe, we do not recommend attempting to DIY your car’s tire alignment. A car is a complicated machine of moving parts that requires a skilled technician’s expertise to ensure that the repair is performed correctly. If you attempt to repair it yourself, you may not properly address the problem or might even further damage your vehicle

Instead of attempting to fix the misalignment yourself, bringing your car in for routine maintenance with a trusted mechanic is much safer and cheaper. When looking for a trusted auto repair shop, there are many things to consider to ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands, but the most important is an ASE-certified technician near you.

D&R Car Care Can Assist You

If you’ve begun to notice problems with your car, don’t wait for the problem to worsen before bringing your vehicle in for routine maintenance. D&R Car Care makes it easy with our online scheduling and after-hours key drop option. We also offer online payment options for parents helping their college students in challenging situations.

Whether you need tire replacement from uneven wear or a steering and suspension check, D&R Car Care’s certified technicians are here to assist you no matter what.

Our ASE-certified technicians are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on domestic and foreign vehicles.