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A Quick Guide To Dashboard Lights

A Quick Guide To Dashboard Lights

On your car’s dashboard is a wealth of information that can help you keep your car in the best shape possible. However, sometimes, that information can be difficult to understand if you’re not familiar with the common dashboard warning lights. You might notice a light...

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Do I Really Need an Oil Change?

Do I Really Need an Oil Change?

If you have been ignoring that little sticker on your windshield telling you to change your oil, then perhaps you’ve asked yourself one simple question: “Do I even need to change my oil?” It’s a question many may find themselves asking. The process of taking your car...

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Getting Your Car Summer Road Trip Ready

Getting Your Car Summer Road Trip Ready

Whether you are just headed to the beach or planning a cross country road trip, it's critical to make sure that your car maintenance is up to date before you head out on the open road. Car trouble is bad enough when you’re in your local neighborhood. However, nothing...

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2020 Valvoline Drives and Win Free Oil Changes

Play Valvoline Drives and you can win FREE Oil Changes, Discounts & More! STEP 1: ENTER YOUR CODE STEP 2: PLAY THE GAME AND WIN STEP 3: REGISTER AND CLAIM PRIZEFAQ How do I enter? 1. Receive a game card at D & R Car Care.2. Visit the Drives website and enter...

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Time for a Check-up

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every day, hundreds of women (and men) are diagnosed with breast cancer. Through our Time For a Check Up campaign, we are bringing attention to breast cancer prevention. Just like regular maintenance inspections are vital to...

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"The D&R team took great care with an urgent issue on my daughter’s car. They were so very responsive ... so very considerate and respectful ... so very thorough ... they cared for an urgent issue immediately and returned her car within hours. And their price was incredibly fair! I will absolutely return to them! Big thanks to Bryan and Cody and the whole D&R team!"
– Lisa Glover

"Contacted them by phone about repairs to my daughter's car. Her vehicle got towed their due to it overheating. Did a VERY thorough inspection of the car. Their estimated repairs were done in a timely manner and they did an excellent job with the repairs. Parents, if you are having to have a vehicle repaired "remotely", or even if you live nearby, I would highly recommend D&R."
– Eric Snowberger

"I've always had a good experience at D&R. They are concerned about fixing your vehicle quickly and their personal service is a cut above. Highly recommend!"
– Jeff Howell

"I was in a great bind. I dropped my son off for student check in. My truck messed up in the middle of moving him in. I called D& R and they not only let me bring it to them. They also gave me a number to a towing company that came faster than my insurance tower company did. They fixed my truck in a couple of hours and had me back on the road. I love the warm welcome and hospitality that Joey and Ashley showed me. Who by the way both had on cute shoes 😉. Thank you guys for being an honest and giving the diligent service you gave me. My son now has a great shop to take his vehicle to when he is away at school and that is one less thing a college student’s mom has to worry about. Amazing place."
– Demetrice Durham

"With my daughter 4 hours from home and a broke down car, D & R was a life saver!! We took her car to a major dealership and they could not find what the issue was. D & R found the problem in less than an hour. They had the car completely fixed in the time frame promised. Highly recommended, prices were average and not over the top!"
– Kristin Jackson
"My go-to for all my car needs. They helped me countless times throughout my undergrad and remain reliable as I now work in town. I refuse to go anywhere else! Amazing prices, amazing service. And they look out for Ga Southern students and faculty by offering discounts. What more could you ask for?"
– Cherelle Payne